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Property Tax Relief Options

Property Tax Relief Options

The Town of Wayland offers a number of property tax relief programs for residents who are 60 and older. Read a summary of those programs here, and see details below.

Property Tax Relief Programs

Personal Exemptions: 

You may be eligible to reduce all or a portion of the taxes assessed on your domicile if you meet the qualifications for one of the personal exemptions allowed under Massachusetts law. Qualifications vary, but generally relate to age, ownership, residency, disability, income or assets.

Locally, these programs include a variety of statutory exemptions, as well as town-adopted programs for Circuit Breaker Match, Community Preservation Act (CPA) Surcharge Exemptions and Senior Tax Work-Off.

Additional information may be available on the Town of Wayland web page for the Assessor’s Department, or call the Assessor’s Department at (508) 358-3788.

For information regarding the Senior “Circuit Breaker” (CB) Tax Credit available as a refundable credit on a MA State Income Tax return, please visit the Circuit Breaker pages of the Mass. Department of Revenue website. Note that the Town of Wayland offers a ‘match’ to the Massachusetts CB Tax Credit. Check with the Assessor’s Department for details. 

Senior Tax Work-Off

Our Tax Work-Off program is a win-win for residents and the community. Wayland residents who are 60 or older can provide valuable service to town departments while earning a set sum to help offset their property taxes. Each participant is asked to work 65 hours over a nine-month period. During fiscal year 2018, participants in this program offered 2,269 hours of service to town departments.

Available positions vary widely, from administrative support to building maintenance to working in the public schools. Applications are available on June 1 of each year for the fiscal year beginning July 1. The COA carefully matches applicants with jobs based on their skills and preferences. The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) considers residents who participate in the Tax Work Off program to be temporary, part-time employees of the Town of Wayland.

For information regarding the Property Tax Work-Off Program, please speak with COA Project Coordinator Shawna Levine at  (508) 358-2990, or click here for more details.


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